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Izzie’s twin….Suddie, a beautiful Tibetan Terrier…and has her own blog no less. deepacresfarm.blogspot.com

All About Izzie


This is my formal portrait….I had to behave!

Today Izzie's mom, Rhea Ann, sent me lots of great photos.

"My Izzie girl….you know the cross between a pug, standard poodle, belgian malinois and siberian husky……hmmmmm, maybe I should do another test!"
-Rhea Ann

IMG_0201Turns out Rhea Ann is an artist. We love her work. Take a gander at her website: rheaann.com

In the meantime enjoy these adorable pics of Izzie, my look alike who isn't a Tibetan Terrier. They say everyone has a twin somewhere. I think I've found mine. And we both have VERY LONG tongues!




Paws Cause 2012 – Pet Bowl Fundraiser










Mary and Alberto Tomas opened their studio/gallery on Dragon Street for best friends, both human and four-legged types. While there was a pound full of two-legged critters, the tail-wagging variety was represented by Panda, a one-year-and-three-month old Shih Tzu, that escorted KC Cermak.

The occasion was a silent auction of dog and cat bowls benefiting the SPCA, and we’re not talking your stainless steel or plastic types. These little gems were created by such artists as Rhea Ann Chamness. Early in the evening one of hers was going for $125.

Rhea Ann Chamness

Married 34 years, the artistic Tomases had hardly had time to recover from Mary’s latest project — creating 210 pieces for the new Omni Dallas Hotel. Her reaction to the project? “Dallas has given a nod to the artists” with the program. “I’ve never seen Dallas come together like that before. I’m proud of Dallas.”


A Pug?


Rhea Ann and Darcie with Izzie, who is definitely not a Tibetan Terrier.


IMG_3963Well, we are in Dallas for the opening of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. You know, he is the guy that designed those cone-bra-bustiers for Madonna. It is an amazing exhibition with hundreds of outfits on display. And the mannequins have animatronic faces that move and blink and twitch and burp. I don't know if they burp, but they might. The moving faces are actually video projections on the faces of the mannequins from tiny video cameras suspended from the ceiling. It was a fun show, but the real reason we always visit DFW is to visit Joe T. Garcia's.

IMG_4773Before I go any further, I want to let you know we were walking on the Katy Trail yesterday when we met what we thought was a very nice rangy Tibetan Terrier named Izzie along with her owner Rhea Ann and friend Darcie. Rhea Ann, herself, thought Izzie was a Tibetan Terrier when she first brought her home. That's what the folks at the animal shelter told her. It turns out that Izzie is actually a Pug! Well….a pug and a Belgian Malinois and two other breeds that look nothing like Tibetan Terriers. You see, Rhea Ann had one of those genetic tests done that told her exactly what breeds Izzie is made up of.


You know, they say the whole is the greater than the sum of its parts. I think that is SO TRUE in Izzie's case. I mean that girl has my head. It was like looking in a freak'n mirror!

I guess, I'll have to tell you about Joe T's another day. I'm exhausted.